Who are we

non-profit organization, not political, governed by the Ordinance 60-133 of 03 oct. 1960, the CREM is a "think tank" or think tank, bringing together experts Juniors and Seniors. The CREM publishes proposals in the field of Public Policy and Economics.

A think tank brings together professionals within a formalized structure, systematically produces studies and reports, establishes a link between the world of research and politics, provides academic rigor to the study of contemporary problems.

The CREM "Help to develop policy agendas and erects bridges between knowledge and power". Also, is it only focuses on research and dissemination of working documents, adding this feature a club activity, that is to say they have members in Civil Society, where are organized seminars, seminars and meetings.


At the beginning of the crisis, two teachers decided, with the help of their colleagues in the Department of the Faculty DEGS, to create a ready Economists Association at any meet potential economic problems.

After several meetings between several Economists, it was decided to hold a General Meeting. The creation of the denominated Association or CREM Reflections Circle of Economists was decided unanimously in April 2009.

Vision :

"Every citizen Malagasy, real agent rational economic. "


  • Technically explain the cyclical and structural changes in the economy through observations, the analysis of economic facts ;
  • Train citizens and Malagasy Civil Society enmatière good economic and financial governance ;
  • Experts give opinions on the results of public policies ;
  • Training future leaders and attend the different managers of SMEs in improving the country's economic growth ;
  • Assist Opérateursles relations of its members with the other associations of national and foreign Economists ;

CREM contributes to Public Policy :

  • providing a reservoir of experts ready to be employed by the government,
  • inviting policy makers to discuss ideas and to test new approaches.

Values :

  • Trust
  • Rationality
  • Efficiency
  • Method

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