Understanding Economic Forum National CREM economic takeoff Madagascar

excerpt fromMemorandum on the National Economic Forum CREM economic takeoff Madagascarof26 AND 27 MARS 2018 Carlton ANOSY ANTANANARIVO

It's 57 years that the Malagasy have heard political promises to opulence. The same speech about the economic development in Madagascar are repeated at least every five (5) years. All hope Qualifying was preached by successive regimes. As against the expected results are not yet at the rendezvous 58 years after political independence of the Big Island.

During these long years, Economists have already made their contributions in one way or another. Sadly, the impacts of advice and expertise were not satisfactory.

The last decade was marked by the interventions and arrests CREM. The Reflection Circle of Economists Madagascar wants to bring more precision and rigor regarding the connection between the economy and politics. Hundreds of lectures on the economy were already completed. These conferences reflect the CREM of lobbying to indirectly influence policy decisions. They constitute Dies d & rsquo; decision support in terms of national public policy in general, and the international insertion strategies. However, the country, in 2018 still back in the world rankings on all economic performance indicators. The most glaring on poverty.

This is why economists, grouped in CREM, are appealing to their counterparts, for solidarity. Thereafter, find all priorities on strategies that can help overcome the status quo of chronic underdevelopment. It is necessary to raise awareness among citizens about the current economic situation. Through the organized events and communication media to make available the expertise CREM, hopefully impact on improving the development of various social projects of political parties. Later, politicians really have social projects documents to make out Madagascar and its people from poverty and economic stagnation.

CREM organized a first edition of the national economic forum held at the Carlton 26 and 27 March 2018. The national economic forum contributes significantly to achieving the challenges, where an inclusive approach to involve all economic actors in the country in the selection and development of specific development strategy for Madagascar was the debate center around the theme: The conditions for economic take-off Madagascar. The forum was especially highlighted, Firstly, the preconditions for economic takeoff, which unfortunately misunderstood by the public.

For economists, speaktake-off conditions implies that the prerequisites have been satisfied already. Yet Madagascar is still stuck in achieving these prerequisites, especially regarding non-economic factors such as security, public health, energy, the financial system, qualification of human capital, institutional legal framework promoting the application of competition law and private and intellectual property, the political transition of the agricultural economy to an industrial economy, political stability, etc. These pre-requisites are essential for a true transformation of the economic structure of Madagascar. This transformation will then improve economic performance indicators such as economic growth, l’inflation, unemployment rate, external balance, openness to international, or the exchange rate etc..

Thereby, Forum aims to ensure that the entire political class is aware of the extent of the site to develop Madagascar. So, the political debate in Madagascar should no longer be limited to the takeover to continue there (the famous "ady seza", if the Malagasy politicians claim to be true patriots.

The current economic observation shows that everyone is not responsible for what has happened since independence, whether at the level of the rulers or governed. The Malagasy are in their little corners to try to cope alone, leveraging the efforts of others and the resources still available.

We note in this direction a landmark loss, in terms of common values ​​and national pride. It is giving hope especially for young people we are trying to gather up the people's aspirations for priority economic activities, in order to harmonize with the academic concepts, to design and carry out together an inclusive and comprehensive economic policies by all.

This Memorandum on Economic Forum National CREM for reference purpose and guide for all those who have interest to build their concerns on a real economic development in Madagascar. Under the pretext that the prerequisites for economic take-off are met, we advance the following as sustained economic growth strategies.

financial ◊L'autonomie,

◊ l’agro-business, industrialization,

◊ the mining paradox

◊la scope and limit of the Special Economic Zone.

CREM considers that”with a stronger political will and greater mobilization of national competencies in a good and effective governance environment, a directed state goes with the economic takeoff of Madagascar in the strategy of poverty reduction and the promotion of inclusive growth.

The abundance of mineral resources (initial endowments) does not necessarily translate into wealth. In other words, a mineral resource-rich country is not instinctively a rich country. For the mining sector becomes a lever for development, some requirements are needed:

However, “Madagascar's economic and social miracle can come from mines, but its realization can be done without the establishment of a citizens Alternation where honesty and loyalty are paramount. An economic program without a political vision is doomed to failure. This miracle is not a dream, or a utopia. Its realization depends only on us. It's frustrating to read and hear often through international organizations that our country ranks among the most corrupt, the poorest, a most polluted capital, where all risks exist: health risk, political risk, climate risk, security risk and yet we have a national wealth and expertise to significantly reverse this trend.”

We invite you todownload here  synthetic brohure on this designated themes that were debated at the National Economic Forum. A full version will be available later.