Special Economic Zone : Opportunity or threat to the well being of the Malagasy people?

3 "thoughts on"Special Economic Zone : Opportunity or threat to the well being of the Malagasy people?

  1. Controller of Taxes- economist Forgot

    There is no need to recall that the Malagasy economy is “an economy on life support” ( chronic debt, chronic deficit of the Trade Balance, etc.). Inspired by Rostow, some think that we need to mobilize the savings to promote development, while our paltry income (work for peanuts) do not allow us to save. Now, others offer, SEZ or Special Economic Zone. What is it really? Is a Trump or a threat to the welfare of the people of Madagascar?

    N.B: It should be noted that SEZ is a development strategy pointed at the misuse of Malagasy land (Using off the ground) Foreign investors. Indeed, she (or SEZ) enjoys a tax exemption both in the import the export. As a matter of fact, The financial resources of the state are undermined.
    otherwise, the world faces “the love of money”easily squandered that we now live, the ONLY WARRANTY IS THE LAW AND A CLEAR CONTRACT, IN GOOD SHAPE AND.
    Note: Where are the students you hope as Dear Professor? Economists are Sick? SOLUTIONS?

  2. Rakotomalala

    SIX : The specificity of such a structure does not suffer from competition for the case of Madagascar. Due to its geographical position and the space that the country may have, and there is where our leaders could well impose a status and a very advantageous situation for the nation. Is that the case ? Information arising from the implementation of this SEZ are rare, short project reliability requires more study and apprehension….


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