What are the preconditions for a real takeoff of Economic Madagascar?

7 "thoughts on"What are the preconditions for a real takeoff of Economic Madagascar?

  1. Ramambavololona Robson Johanès

    The economic boom is a phrase coined by Rostow. It implies the ability to mobilize savings of approximately 10% you pib. The question is : what are the conditions for Madagascar to regularly generate a savings for autonomous growth ? The fund of the issue is twofold : mobilization of savings and the transformation of this investment savings.
    Without going into the general theoretical debates, my remarks are focused on research and the exploitation of intellectual and mental typically Malagasy funds. OF GAUL said of Iranians who nationalized oil exploitation : “They have their oil, we have our minds”. Donald Trump spoke about the ingenuity of their “boys”. This is not Malgachization literary sense, but the exploitation of what we already gained as economic assets with which, Alas, we built our poverty. This is because local economic and ideological activities from Madagascar and after colonization have attempted to devalue and to squander the heritage that we are poor. It is in this spirit of exploitation of the local mentality and vernacular that I dread the prior conditions for the mobilization and transformation of savings or “initial endowment” production factors. Here are a few lines of this transformation :
    1°) Valuation of Malagasy culture : updating and differentiation vis-à-vis globalization
    2°) Decentralization of collective decision making : struggle against the oligarchy and local control of natural and intellectual resources
    3°) Restructuring of the social hierarchy : primacy of the group before the individual, political equality of social groups,
    4°) Removing qualified values “modern” in public life. This is not “modern” ni “traditional”.

  2. The Controller of Taxes Economist forgotten

    Desolated to offend you, Madame! More, let me tell you that Rostow was already criticized in its linear development vision, and it seems that you follow. In my opinion, our conditions of economic take-off should be based on what we. In other words, “optimize” our strengths so as to create “a ripple effect” on the economy.
    otherwise, the establishment of a strong institution able to automatically reduce CORRUPTION, ABUS POWER (there is already a law prohibiting and penalizing severely “these viruses” of our society but it seems inefficient) . To quote the expression of former President Barack Obama, I quote: “we need strong institutions, not strong men”.

    Nota Bene: I hope I speak to a economist to understand terms such as “optimisation, training effect”.

  3. Of houses LOLONA Robson Johanès

    I agree to ” the establishment of a strong institution”. But where will we find ? Or maybe, who will implement ? The problem, Okay, this is not the strong man, but the strong Malagasy. The solution, it seems to me, is the shock event which causes the mobilization of forces Malagasy : intellectual strength, spiritual, etc., in short, a kind of event that requires the Malagasy has to have a look back, not to rush straight into the path depleting he attends now. This gaze is on “what we have” – I will add “again”.
    What is missing in our design development is a conceptual or ideological mark on the basis of which we can re-establish economic takeoff. We still have these concepts and ideas, but they are buried under rubbish ideologies and philosophy, or concepts, foreign.
    Also, as a research program, I suggest a deep investigation into Madagascar's economic culture, exploit the speech nuances of social production relations and cooperation.

  4. Rakotomalala

    take-off :
    To avoid debate on the principles and foundation of the subject to develop, start by points which define the endemicity of the case of Madagascar for parallel we quote solutions. It is important to draw the evils that strangles the economy and the country's development, take a few non-exhaustive major point :
    The health
    Education and training
    The bad political orientation
    Dysfunction administration
    Poor exploitation of natural resources
    Through these seven points we see the impossibility of a healthy and realistic development, and need to be addressed and establish prioritizations the seven evils that kill us heart, medium and long term for development to bring a dynamic of economic takeoff.
    Short, with a good diagnosis of the real situation takeoff process is already half started. just the right remedy with technical and political reasons optimizing a vision of a better world takeoff process is drawn.

  5. Maxime Raharison

    But where is the measure of development is not linear? If not measurable, however, development is only a vanity as was the haibitude to take our time!


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