Summit of la francophonie in Madagascar!? a S.W.O.T analysis

6 "thoughts on"Summit of la francophonie in Madagascar!? a S.W.O.T analysis

  1. Rado

    Membership in the OIF is anything for you as a citizen Malagasy?
    Madagascar will host the summit of the Francophonie that November this year 2016.
    The following assumptions need to be raised to make optimum recipe to’ issue :

    1) Madagascar has an extroverted economy and disarticulated
    2) the purchasing power of the Malagasy population does not receive signals from the local market to invest
    3) The business climate in Madagascar does not attract talent
    4) The Malagasy economic growth remains vulnerable to shocks
    5) Madagascar has insufficient export products (in quantity and quality) to attract visitors countries on international trade
    6) The global political and economic environment weakens the bargaining power of Malagasy diplomats on conquering the world market either technologically and environmentally.
    7) The terrorist threat is permanent

      1. Gasy2017

        I agree with you that the current way we are handling our membership in Francophonie is just strengthening France dominance and promoting their own culture. However, I think it’s none of France’s fault, it’s all our leaders who are not seeking any benefit but just showing loyalty to France for political purpose.

        It should be a platform for economical cooperation and partnership opportunities.

        This is one of main issue of Africa. We are always blaming the colonisation as source of all our bad. We got already our independency for almost 60 years now and can’t argue on it anymore.

        The main source of our poverty is the bad leadership and widespread corruption.

        France is just doing what they should do. They are protecting their own interests which is the right thing to do. We should do the same.

  2. Randriamanalina Tsoavina

    Francophonie, for me personally, it is mainly an educational based organization, and this for a long time. Indeed ; since my college years, I participated several times in the contest “French dictation” ; ensuite, during my high school years, I participated in several competitions organized by the Francophonie: issue type games for a champion, Writing Contest, francofourires, … And, in 2009, I was fortunate to be selected among the Malagasy listeners of the Francophone Institute for Entrepreneurship (IFE île Maurice), So stock AUF. And yet recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the global forum of the French language organized in Liege (Belgium), a forum that aimed to bring together the creative and dynamic young Francophones around the world and which focused on creativity and innovation in the Francophone world. My project allowed me to be selected is a project that concerns the teaching entrepreneurship.
    Now, if you ask me to do a SWOT analysis (let us be francophone emoticon wink ), Summit of the Francophonie will take place at home in November, strengths will therefore logically about this educational mission of the organization.
    FORCES (M / coach for hosting this summit): The country wants to host for quite some time, so it receives the support of the majority. The proper hospitality to the Malagasy. The country has people resources needed for such an event.
    WEAKNESSES: Insufficient financial resources. the country Lack of experience in the logistics of such an event.
    OPPORTUNITIES (who comes to the country before, during and after the summit):
    BEFORE: Job creation in the construction of infrastructures, preparedness agencies, …Renovation of existing infrastructure (airports, routes, …).
    PENDANT: Dynamism of the different sectors thanks to the presence on the country of several international guests. networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and traders, currency entry, …
    AFTER: new infrastructure that will revitalize the economy. If successful, Improving the image of M / coach at international level, …
    THREAT (who comes to the country before, during and after the summit):
    BEFORE: Risk of political unrest.
    PENDANT: Risk event, protest and claim scattered islands
    AFTER: Use unnecessary for newly built infrastructure. Unsuccessful organizations so wasteful and bad image of the country internationally.
    This list is obviously not exhaustive, you can also contribute to well analyze the stakes of this summit for the country.


    You should know that the opening to the international scene is a practice that has become fashionable and partnerships are not things not to try. China, become a world economic power which once closed the door, finally let go it becomes a trend of our era economy. So make sure to benefit from the positive externalities of regionalism.
    The summit of the Francophonie soon greeted by Madagascar is an opportunity for the country to show its virtues and regain its position vis-à-vis foreign investors credibility. A solution that seems a bit hard and not IMPOSSIBLE for entrepreneurs but also and especially for the state to make up false assumptions previously operated. However, the Malagasy economy is still in a stage that presents some problems off. But my opinion is centered on the absence or at least ineffective reconstructive actions of inclusive institutions and this applies whether in politics, whether in the economic and social field.
    However, opening remains a means of developing trade and the dynamism of our economy. But to increase their efficiency, should policy makers do that the sovereignty of the Malagasy State is not on the team benches in these games. And speaking of that, it is only matter of political will.
    And finally, One last point, but that is as very important, Security Question. So national security, the safety of property and people ... All this is still a question mark. But an opportunity presents itself to agreements for cooperation with Madagascar francophones who can provide the appropriate equipment to carry out the effectiveness and efficiency of security shares of any our air as well as maritime border. The question is that this (the summit of the Francophonie) not going to break the little wall (and this is the case) which separates us and protects terrorist actions.


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