Proclamation 08 October 2018

Ladies and gentlemen,

Now again come to the juncture of the people choose who will rule the country for five (5) years to come. If so involved in poverty abyss of the majority on the one hand, They are also very wealthy minority will protect its interests and cooperate fully with the politicians liars seek a seat on the other.

Within a period of campaigning today. Politicians are trying to do all the way to the presidential election candidates to hampadaniana. Thirty six (36) they, But only one of the seats available. During the election campaign this time period where the candidates are trying to convince the voters. However, the story informs us that there was no campaign was based on the principle of development in Madagascar. And even if a theme which failed to eradicate poverty but have not taken him down as an oral kobaka only carried finding chairs. Because of these factors is not by chance that our choice as experts on all economic and development. As well as citizens, we feel we have a responsibility for the development of the economy and the human condition in our country. That is why we made the loa of corn-based an'dasy economy, He took the views of various experts and citizens participated in the debate. They are directly affected by poverty. Topics that measures must be carried out for the development of the economic situation in Madagascar. Thanks to all those joined hands with us in. now, built and progressed to book a fingerprint with that challenge tratrarin'ireo he plans to bring back the country tomorrow because:

  • We could not finish economists grouped in the cream just look at the country more miserable in the world in terms of economy ;
  • We can not just look at the fandanindaniana extremely hazardous for treasures (or in the bowels of the earth or the sea) seals minority tsoan'olom (foreign or native American) ;
  • We can not just look at credit enslave future generations yet to come a succession of leaders in our country ;
  • We can not just look at the majority of our fellow beings suffer injustice and oppression because of their incompetence and ignorance and poverty ;
  • We can not just look at the majority of unemployed or working deleterious ;
  • We can not simply look at his compatriot's health is vulnerable due to malnutrition and living in suspense because of insecurity.

For this very reason we do this proclamation follows:

  • It offers a modest and free for all the results of the conference, the loa of corn-based controller economy ;
  • To present this proposal earnestly for the candidates 36 We are not an exception in circles searching space and all economic indicators of Madagascar to bring up the economic development projects in the design of each of the candidates ;
  • I do not support a particular candidate cream during this campaign, I open the discussion page for all willing to work together with us on economic policy
  • I wish stability for our country during the election campaign and we ;
  • Merry stability and power transfer worthy of the dignity of our country after the election of the cream ;
  • I share the hope for all people is still possible to promote the country as they should be in harmony and respect the government and the people to.

In order to achieve this, :

  • Stop making an oral kobaka and empty promises of the campaign that is based on the concept of overcoming poverty fifandresan Reasoning ;
  • Stop making andrankandrana the country and its people through not just follow the crowd thought out strategy for investors because of the selfishness ;
  • Stop making sure the country to foreigners because of the privilege ;
  • When you let the politicians as a child and let the American indiscriminately to accept me as a partner in the development of our country.

Right now the debate is right for the full development of the country tomorrow.

Right now would be the kadindà and its allies did not need T. Shirt or different passes for the election of the King, Four Koz :

Right now would be the kadindà and its allies to the people that need clear principles and priorities to avoid unemployment, The bully, nepotism, gaboraraka, impunity and corruption and ineffective management and lack of transparency.

Right now would be the kadindà and its allies need concepts and strategies and priorities clearly prevail at every door of the poverty, the Malagasy.

Right now would be the kadindà and its allies need clear principles and priorities restore the dignity of sovereignty of the Malagasy.