Thursday OF CREM 01 JUNE 2017

Speaker : Pr. Ravelomanana Marcus

The essential lines for a successful industrial policy :

Incentive critical infrastructure such as industrialization:

1) energy: long-term solution for JIRAMA

2) reform of the banking system that allows credit access especially for P.M.I.

3) Concept of market-oriented economy of scale

4) The made available to multidisciplinary researchers interested in a competitive framework in the industrial field.

Setting up an institutional and legislative framework to promote the development of infant industries:

1) Act Industry Development in Madagascar (I L)

2) Securing industrial investments and investors.

3) Political stability and good governance

4) Choosing an optimal tax policy in the period of learning costs (learning cost) motor industry.

5) Maintain a closer link between industry and research to stimulate innovation.

6) Improved performance of institutions favoring industrialization already in place. (EDBM, OMAPI, The supervisory ministry, BNM standard for Madagascar, etc…)

7) medium-term perspective of training "clusteurs" regional industrial.