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Understanding Economic Forum National CREM economic takeoff Madagascar

CREM believes that with a stronger political will and greater mobilization of domestic skills in a supportive environment, a directed state goes with the economic takeoff of Madagascar in the strategy of reducing poverty and promoting inclusive growth.

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Madagascar’s Millenium Development Goal at a glance

Governments can start the process by un-locking global agreements that concern the extreme
poverty and hunger agenda. They must create an attractive business environment to promote
jobs and social inclusion. The MDGs aimed at cutting extreme poverty by half, so Sustainable
Development Goal is to get it decrease to zero by, let’s say, 2030, as written in different papers,
with corresponding universal minimum standards for health, education, infrastructure, and so on.

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economic development strategy after the crisis in Madagascar

We are here placed in an anticipatory posture of political post-crisis, and the country's economic takeoff. Some will say that this posture is still fictional, and that many steps are still to be done to reach. However, it seems appropriate to start thinking about the post-crisis order to be prepared for this new situation, but also to keep the hope that we will succeed one day in such a situation.

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